How to Convert MOV File to DVD Format

Posted by Mavis Mavis on May 07, 2013


Finding an MOV to DVD creator can be a hard task especially when you are running on Windows operating system. The hard part is that programs that can specifically do this are either expensive or not credible. One product that you might want to try if you wish to burn .mov to DVD format is the Aimersoft DVD Creator. Converting your files to DVD is not an easy task and most of the time the conversion process takes time. When you use a program that ensures quick outputs and great results then you will be ultimately happy.


Must Know Microsoft Surface Tablet Tips & Tricks

Posted by Mark Dwayne on March 12, 2013


Microsoft Surface Tablet was launched some time ago. If you know how to make the most of its innovative design you can make your work life easier and greatly improve the entertainment value. Irrespective of whether it has Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro, the tablet can be set to give you the best user experience. Here are some tips and tricks.


Different Types of Internet Connections

Posted by Brian Madden on March 03, 2013


Do you remember those days 10 years ago when we had to access the internet over a dial-up connection that took what seemed like forever to connect? Internet connection typesMost people thought you were posh if you had access to the internet in your home. However, now-a-days we can't be without the internet. We are constantly checking our Facebook and other social media accounts, so much so that we need to have access to the internet 24/7. Broadband has been the answer to this problem and looks set to take the world by storm. However, it may not be suitable and accessible for everyone. Here we discuss the five main types of broadband.