Simple Tips To Make Your Closet Prettier And Useful

Posted by Anthony Powell on May 12, 2013


Every person dreams to have a well-designed and less cluttered house. In this regard, the best place to start making your home hassle free is the congested and ugly looking closets of your home as they are the terrific place to start decluttering your house. You need to make them more organized and things will become simpler than ever for you all across your home.

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Improve Your Closets:

Following lines contain some ideas that will help you to make your closets attractive and start the life anew.

Make them Large:

Making closet bigger is the best and easiest method to keep it organized. Therefore you can transform a small storage area or boring pantry to eye catching walk in closet area for your home. You can go to extreme and can even discard the porch and convert into a fabulously big walk in closet for your family.

Wallpaper the Closet:

If you already have a big closet that allows you to look inside easily then you should make it prettier by wallpapering it. Use multicolored and attractive wallpapers to embellish the interior of closet in most pleasing manner possible.

Adding Art to Closet:

If you do not want to use wallpaper, you can display a beautiful piece of art such as a canvas art or a favorite photo to adorn the closet. This will also make it the more cohesive part of rest of your home.

Replace Old Doors:

Doors are the most important part of any closet and if you are looking to import a new look to it, you need to change the closet doors first of all. You can make the closet a more interesting and attractive part of the entire home décor by adding interesting and beautiful new doors to it.

Painting the Closet Door:

Again, if you do not want to change closet doors, you can make it more interesting by painting the doors in colors that match paint color of the rest of the room. As a result, you will definitely have a sensational new look for your entire house as well.

Working Organizational System:

You need to find an organizational system that you think will work for you. For instance, color coordination works great for someone but not for everyone. Therefore, you should seek for the system that suits you as it is the best way to make your simple.

A Shelving System:

A closet is incomplete with shelves and therefore you should always have them in yours. You should find different methods to add more shelves because they will play a vital part in storing your luggage effectively.

Hang up Accessories:

You can hang different items like belts, jewelry, scarves etc. on the closet walls. This will not only make the closet more beautiful but you will easily find what you want to wear.


A haphazard and unorganized closet will make your home look grotesque and ugly. Therefore, you need to remodel or redecorate your closet at the earliest to impart a fresh and unique new look to the surroundings.

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