Some Common Mistakes To Avoid While Remodeling Your Bathrooms

Posted by Anthony Powell on May 20, 2013


When home remodeling experts and architects express concerns about the kind of mistakes you can commit while remodeling your bathroom, most of their warnings are applicable to almost all of the home improvement and décor projects. For instance, do not do the task yourself if you lack the expertise, avoid under or over budgeting and always hire professional bathroom specialist.

Mistakes You Should Avoid:

Following are some of the mistakes you should avoid while remodeling your bathroom.

Leaving Everyone in the Dark:

Most of the old fashioned bathrooms are devoid of adequate light and usually contain only one low quality light fixture. The light is usually so dim that you cannot even shave or apply make-up. Therefore, if you want to keep these problems at bay, always keep lighting in mind while remodeling your bathroom. You need to think about ambient light, from an overhead fixture or recessed lights. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to go for pendant lights for task lighting. Keep in mind that a well illuminated bathroom is always a safer bathroom as well.

Ignoring Little Things:

Little details like outlets can really impact the overall appearance of the bathroom and therefore, you should pay attention to them. Again, most of the old bathrooms do not have enough outlets for huge volume of hair dryers, gadgets, electric razors and other stuff in use these days. Therefore, you need to think about storage and proper outlets as well while renovating the space. Also think about towels and where to hang them in addition with placing toilet paper holder at the right place.

Following your Friends:

You friends might be enjoying fancy faucets or neon lights in their bathrooms but these things are going to be outdated within 15-20 years. There are many styles that were very popular once like Jacuzzi tubs and pink bathroom tiles but no one wants them nowadays. Therefore, instead of going for latest trends, always adopt neutral style while decorating your bathroom like white or off white paints and set the trend with accessories. It will greatly help you if you would like to sell the house in the future.

Bad Planning:

Almost all of us have bumped with bathroom tubs while using the toilet or have showered in the shell that is too short for even super models. All this happens due to poor space planning. If you follow rules, there is a bare minimum for everything and you need to follow the minimum requirements. Therefore, you need to have extra space as it gives the sense of openness and it is very relaxing not to be cramped.

Wrong Products:

For bathrooms, you need accessories and products that are specially designed for damp environment. For instance, you need paint that can resist dampness and tiles that can totally seal the moisture. Furthermore, you also need to install an exhaust fan as it will help you to keep mold at bay.

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