Affordable Remodeling Tips for Your Home

Posted by Lisa Coleman on May 25, 2013


Whether in a new or old home, it is natural to get bored with the design. However, upgrades can be very expensive. For instance, new cabinetry and counter tops can cost thousands of dollars. With just a little creativity, inspired homeowners can give any home a new look by simply using some simple and affordable ideas.

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Give the Space a Tune Up

1. Clear away clutter so that the space becomes instantly more inviting. The best part of this process is that it opens the door toward creative ways to make the space even more comfortable, appealing and interesting.

2. Go green and put new plants all around the space, inside and out. Repot existing plants into newer and nicer containers.

3. Change up the lampshades. This small detail can make a huge difference for any space. For instance, any room can go from quaint to retro, eclectic, or modern, simply by having a change in the cover of a light or other fixture.

New Accents

1. Replace furniture. One of the best and most affordable ways to update any space is to replace older furniture. The pieces installed in a space are its focal point, from comfortable sofas to end tables. It's the furniture that invites people inside, so changing it will instantly create a new space. An affordable online furniture design firm, like Michael Amini collections, can offer a wide range of options, from traditional to contemporary. With the elegant appeal and exquisite craftsmanship offered, it will attract the most sophisticated of tastes. Shopping online to find these items not only saves time, but there is a more extensive variety from which to choose.

2. Install new curtains or blinds. For a more spacious look, consider using simple shades with hanging plant accents. Faux wood and bamboo blinds are inexpensive and offer a much nicer aesthetic than the vinyl type.

Update Fixtures

1. To update appliances, use peel-and-stick contact paper on them with a faux stainless steel finish.

2. Replace switch plate covers on electrical outlets and lights. They are easy to install and one of the most affordable ways to help brighten any space. Stainless steel ones for kitchens and decorative ones for elsewhere are also available at inexpensive prices.

3. Adjust the types of bulbs in light fixtures. For instance, use softer bulbs for a yellowish red undertone in living room areas. This creates a more relaxed and intimate setting. For home offices and libraries, use brighter lights to lessen eye strain. Kitchens generally do well with as much natural light as possible and there are new bulbs designed to replicate this for dim areas.

4. Change handles, doorknobs and hinges. These finishing touches are inexpensive and adding them can make a big impact on any room or section of the home.

Art Work

1. Hang new art or photos on all of the walls. Another frugal alternative is to change the frames of existing wall art.

2. Use mirrors in new places, such as over fireplaces. They can make any space appear larger, especially when placed across the room from each other. They also add more light shining throughout the house.

The above are just a few of the more inexpensive ways to upgrade and redesign a home without spending a fortune. With some creativeness and ingenuity, there are many more things that could be done to change the atmosphere and design of a room. Style does not have to be extremely expensive, only effective.

About Author: Lisa Coleman writes to share her ideas of what can be done to remodel a home, old or new, inexpensively. Design and style can come in many forms of affordable ideas. She has found redecorating with an elegantly appealing line of furniture, like Michael Amini collections, and hanging new artwork or mirrors to be some of the most effective ways of accomplishing a new look.

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