Do's and Don'ts of Email Marketing

Posted by Sara Young on February 16, 2013


No other invention has benefited man as much as the Internet has. The Internet is used in almost every field; business to education to entertainment to communication and health. Big, average and small business organizations use the Internet and email to market goods and services.

What is email marketing?

Going by definition, email marketing is directly sending across a marketing message to a group of people via email. The target audience or potential consumers are sent emails about the product or service. This kind of marketing is also used to advertise a new product or service through email. Creation of brand awareness and building of brand loyalty is also done through email. This kind marketing is carried out on a list of potential consumers or on a cold list from a database. Email marketing is three fold.

  • It involves the business organization sending its loyal customers emails with the intention of repeating business.
  • The marketing agency or corporate emails a list of its customers persuading them to purchase their products or services.
  • Email marketing is regarded as one of the best ways to send personalized advertising message across mass audience of the target group.

Email marketing is being widely being used in business

Email marketing is one of the best, economical and most effective ways of marketing. Because of the advantages of email marketing it is being used by many business organizations. This marketing method has a global reach. Additionally, sender of an email marketing message can track if the receiver has opened and viewed the email. The receiver of email marketing messages has the power to continue receiving them. He is also entitled to discontinue receiving email marketing messages as well.

Every business organization who makes use of this method of marketing will want full return on investment. This kind of marketing tool is used with the purpose of increasing business. Here's a list of do's and don'ts   of email marketing.

First the Do's of email marketing

  • Keep the message short

Internet users these days do not have a lot of time. It is frustrating to read through pages and pages of information on the Internet. When you are sending an email marketing message to your target audience you must avoid sending across huge emails. Remember that users do not have the patience to scroll through a lot of content. The email that you send must be short and to the point. Avoid beating around the bush with content of the message. Convey the message using minimum words. This will help users remember the email marketing message that they read.

  • Make unsubscribing easy

Some users initially like the idea of receiving marketing messages through email. Over a period of time they somehow change their mind. They will want not to be included in the list of people who receive marketing emails. As an email marketer you must always include an option through which people can unsubscribe from receiving marketing emails.

  • Include an interactive email message

Email marketing messages are taken seriously by users. As a sender of such email marketing messages, you must ensure that you make the message as interactive as you possibly can. The receiver of such message might have a question or a doubt about the marketing email that you sent. Having an interactive email marketing system will facilitate two-way communication. This will automatically increase the chances of the consumer purchasing the product or service that the marketing email deals with.  

Here's a list of things that you must try and avoid while sending marketing emails

  • Do not spam

Sending bulk email messages to many users is regarded as spam. One of the ways to avoid being marked as spam is to receive prior permission from the people who you are sending the email marketing message to.  

  • Do not try to squeeze in too many ideas into one email.

It is alright to send two emails to a single user about two different subjects. However, you must avoid sending an email which deals with more than one subject. This will leave the user confused and eventually he will lose interest in the product or service that you deal with.

The tool of email marketing has a lot of power. You can use it in the right way to create wonders for your business.

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