How to Test Your Mobile Website Before the Launch Date

Posted by Rod Flath on December 23, 2012


In order to stay relevant in today's market, you simply must cater to mobile web users, and the best way you have of doing that is creating a mobile version of your website. Mobile web is completely different from its traditional web counterpart, and the development of your mobile web design may therefore be a lesson in trial and error. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ensure that you've worked all of the glitches and hang-ups out of your mobile site before you spread the word. Here are some great tools you can use to test your mobile website before the launch date:

Gomez. This site is actually a mobile readiness test that analyzes your mobile website on the basis of more than thirty mobile development factors, and then delivers a score that you can use as guidance for what needs tweaking, and where. Even more, Gomez offers practical advice for improvements you can make to your mobile website before it goes live.

MobiReady. This is a website that is very similar to Gomez, only a little more complex. When you're ready to test your mobile website, you simply go to the MobiReady site, input your webpage address, and then wait for MobiReady to deliver your test results in a number of different categories. At the end of the analysis, you are provided with a detailed error report, as well as a list detailing HTTP, dotMobi, code checke, and device emulator compliance.

iPhoney. Do you plan on perfecting your mobile website for iPhone users? If so, then you can use iPhoney to test your site, in accordance with all of the signature features of the iPhone platform. This is not a simulator, but rather a tool for actually building your site in the Apple Safari web environment.

dotMobi Emulator. If you want to know exactly what your mobile website is going to look like on a variety of operating systems, mobile interface platforms, and mobile devices, then this simple site is perfect for you. You will have to visit the dotMobi site and download the required Java plugin to use this functionality.

Google Mobilizer. Google Mobilizer allows you to check your mobile website by simply plugging in your URL. What's more is that you can actually make any necessary tweaks straight from the Google Mobilizer interface.

As you can see, there are many great tools for testing your mobile website before its release date arrives. Make use of all of the tools on this list in order to maximize your site's potential in time for its launch.

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