Must Know Microsoft Surface Tablet Tips & Tricks

Posted by Mark Dwayne on March 12, 2013


Microsoft Surface Tablet was launched some time ago. If you know how to make the most of its innovative design you can make your work life easier and greatly improve the entertainment value. Irrespective of whether it has Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro, the tablet can be set to give you the best user experience. Here are some tips and tricks.

Multiple user accounts

In the Settings you can create separate accounts for multiple users whether they are family members or colleagues. This is numerous advantages:

Customization: Each user can personalize the tab to suit their preferences especially where navigation is concerned. For example, the homescreen has live tiles that can be moved and rearranged. Just press and hold the tile you want to move. Now slide your finger and bring the tile to where you want to place it. Now each person can work at their own comfort level.

Access control: It makes parental control easier to set up. A curious child may accidentally delete a very crucial work file. Sites that are not meant for children can also be covertly banned. Just start typing "Family Safety" on the homescreen. The family safety settings option will appear on the screen. Now create separate user accounts for different people that might use your tablet.

Updates of apps and software

In most cases updates to the operating system and applications happen automatically whenever you log on to the Internet. What about updates to apps that you have downloaded from the store? Again most apps have the option to update automatically. Just check the box when you are downloading the first time. This will ensure that every time an update is available, as soon as you log on to the Internet, the app store will notify you and start the update on its own.

Microsoft email account

Those who own the Microsoft Surface Tablet will obviously find it extremely beneficial to have a Microsoft Hotmail, Live, or MSN email account. The Mail live tile has functionality that is similar to Microsoft Outlook. Day-to-day functions like replying to multiple contacts, forwarding large volumes of data at one time, etc. are a lot easier with this app. The only drawback is that you cannot configure a Yahoo mail or Gmail account with this tile so you have to follow the usual browser path.

Charging the Tablet

There have been some issues about battery charging of Microsoft Surface Tablet. Some users say they leave the tablet for charging and when they return, it has not charged at all! But is it really such an insurmountable problem? When you place the tablet on its power-cum-charging stand, just check whether the light at the top of the power-connector is "on". If it is, then rest assured your tablet is charging. If the light doesn't show you need to check whether the tablet has been placed correctly on the charging-slot. This takes just a few seconds and should not really be a major problem.

These are some tips and tricks which will make your time with Microsoft Surface Tablet a more enjoyable experience.

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