Surface Computer !! Turning a Ordinary laptop into Digital Surface

Posted by Vijay Engrit on March 05, 2013


Microsoft's Surface Computer is a Multi-Touch and very interactive computer that uses a ordinary object to interact with user rather than Keyboard and Mouse. The system allows the various people to work simultaneously without using the Keyboard and Mouse.

This helps in information transaction with natural gesture and touch and grab the data with hands. Microsoft is a famously known for its Technology Gadgets. The system provides the 30 inch table display that makes multi-touch access easy and effective.

Features : The Surface Computer have following features.

  1. Direct Interaction (you can grab the Digital information with your hands)
  2. Multi-Touch (The Device can Recognizes many points of touch)
  3. Multi-User (Due to Horizontal Surface, It allows many people to work)
  4. Object Recognition (It can provide digital responses of physical devices)
  5. NUI (Natural User Interface) Interface
  6. Usable for wide range applications
  7. In-built Bluetooth and WI-FI

How Does it work ?

To sense the object, it uses multiple infrared cameras underneath the screen/table-top. When a object is placed on the surface, first the image is captured. After that the computer recognizes it from the shape of the object or by using Domino-Style Identification. Now the information received, is processed and displayed with the help of Rear Projection. As the computer has a multi touch screen, it can process multiple inputs and recognize the objects.

System Specification : The system have following specifications.

  1. Core 2 Duo Processor
  2. 2 GB RAM
  3. 256 MB Graphics card
  4. WI-FI and Bluetooth Antenna
  5. Microsoft-Vista
  6. DLP Display (Digital Micro mirror Device each representing 1 or more pixel)
  7. Domino Tags
  8. 2 headphone jacks
  9. RGB component video

Application : It has following applications.

  1. 5 Verticals
  2. Automotive
  3. Financial Services
  4. Healthcare
  5. Retail
  6. Entertainment

Pros :

  1. Multiuser interaction
  2. Seamless (No wires)
  3. Instant photo upload/download
  4. Most Control of the technology
  5. Time saving
  6. Display using rear projection

Cons :

  1. Cost between $5000 and $10000
  2. Not portable
  3. Maintenance from Damage
  4. Need one device to upload photos
  5. Bar codes for objects

The user of Surface Computer can digitally resize and interact with photos and video with some real life objects and events. With its object recognition feature, the someone can get all the information about the object. The technology is making every task entertaining, enjoyable, and efficient with its amazing features.

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