The Benefits of Multi level Marketing MLM

Posted by Lemley Sharon on January 09, 2013


In today's harsh competitive world, every business requires excellent and innovative techniques to promote their products and services. Business promotion has become a stipulation for every industry, as it is the only technique through which, one can reach out to the potential customers and attain the desired market presence. However, the marketing techniques also involve hefty investments, which is not feasible for every business owner to afford. For such businesses, opting for multi-level marketing is an affordable and expedient option.


Is email marketing actually dead?

Posted by Melissa Welsh on January 05, 2013


You might have seen "Email marketing is dead" statement all around the web. With the development of the modern technology there are loads of changes that has taken place within the last few years. Email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest marketing tools for contacting customers. With the innovative pathway mobile SMS marketing is in the process of the rise but yet email marketing is vital to the betterment of the online business now and forever.