4 Things to Avoid to Prevent 'Career Failure'

Posted by Lisa Coleman on July 03, 2013


Over the last decade, the business world has become more cutthroat than ever. Because of this, getting and keeping a good job is also increasingly challenging. As a result, should unlawful activity occur on the part of any employee, from general staff to managers and executives, their careers could be jeopardized and ruined, as described in the below scenarios.

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1. Leaking Inside Information

From insider trading to trade secrets, businesses take their proprietary information very seriously. Technology has made it more possible to both deliberately and unwittingly release private information. From Martha Stewart to the Galleon scandal, numerous executives such as those from IBM, Intel, AMD and McKinsey have been fired for revealing inside information relating to a hedge fund. The best way to handle this is to not even consider doing it, even if there is bribery involved.

2. DUIs and Related Drug and Alcohol Convictions

Due to the general societal intolerance for driving under the influence, indiscretions along the lines of alcohol and drug abuse have very serious consequences. DUIs cause trauma in the lives of individuals, families and employers in different ways. For instance, the person convicted and their families obviously suffer the embarrassment, loss of income and legal costs, many of which are long term. Employers can be affected negatively when an employee is convicted and must take time off to deal with jail, court and rehab. In fact, it would not be uncommon for a person to lose their job as a violation of company policy. These circumstances could easily lead to financial difficulties for the rest of a person's life.

To minimize the risks associated with DUI charges, those charged should contact a DUI attorney immediately to ensure that their rights are protected and that financial expense is minimized as much as possible. Look for a DUI law firm with an experienced background, like the Kellis Law Firm in Philadelphia which has 20 years of jury trial experience, which will challenge to disprove evidence to try to get charges dismissed or lessened. A DUI attorney will validate that the breathalyzer and field sobriety test was performed accurately and that the arresting officer did his job lawfully, including the reading of a person's right when arrested.

3. Sexual Harassment or Employee Discrimination

During these highly politically charged and sensitive times, discrimination of any sort is dangerous for any employee, at any level. The stigma associated with this sort of offense is often something that other firms may not be prepared to deal with. Therefore, should someone lose their job over violating sexual harassment or discrimination policies, the results could be devastating. One recent example is how Food Network star Paula Deen recently lost a lucrative contract when the network chose not to renew her show. This demonstrates how even a high level of productivity or respect in any field is not immune to the consequences of even something that seems as unintended as a casual discriminatory comment. It is also a good idea to not get involved in any kind of dating relationship with anyone from your place of employment.

4. Accounting, Securities or Financial Fraud

Thanks to a difficult economy, the number of job applicants has far exceeded the number of jobs available for the last decade. As a result, employees and all workers are more replaceable today than ever. When it comes to financial crimes, the level of intolerance is higher than ever. This is why any form of illegal financial activity is considered a cause for an immediate dismissal.

Not only are employers often less than sympathetic to all of these types of charges, but future job prospects can be very grim, as well. Those who embezzle or commit fraud of any type will find that these convictions will come up in every job background check. This jeopardizes the ability to find employment long after the offense was committed.

Should any person be charged with any kind of crime, it is important to get legal representation as soon as possible. Also, the longer one waits, the more damaging and costly it can become. Therefore, in a situation such as that relating to DUI, it is only through the expert legal representation of a DUI lawyer that a person convicted can ensure that their rights are fully protected.

About Author: A legal writer who previously worked in HR, Lisa Coleman explains some of the key points that can devastate one's career should they be charged with any of them. Kellis Law Firm, knowledgeable and equipped to defend a DUI charge, has had 20 years of related jury trial experience, and can represent and dispute evidence for any client charged with a DUI.

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