Digital PR: Is My Business Integrated Enough?

Posted by Nickey Williams on April 29, 2013


Integrated marketing is an important concept that should be adopted by every type of business. With an integrated marketing plan, they'll be able to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns, ensuring that they reach their target audience through a number of online methods. By spreading its marketing message across several different channels, a company can ensure that it is reaching its target audience in a format that their audience enjoys, increasing the effectiveness of their marketing strategy.

Why a Business Needs Integrated Marketing

Online marketing is becoming more complex by the day. As new channels emerge, businesses need to adapt their Internet strategies to take advantage of these new technologies. By implementing an integrated marketing plan, companies are able to improve the overall success of their online marketing efforts while simultaneously improving their ROI.

Companies used to take the approach of marketing their business using one type of online marketing method at a time. However, as these channels have become more intertwined, specifically SEO and social media, businesses are quickly realizing the importance of using both online marketing methods simultaneously. A marketing channel that used to be viewed as its own separate entity can now be utilized to further spread a company's marketing message in conjunction with other online advertising efforts.

Also, since a company's target audience is more than likely using several different online technologies, such as social media, email and search engines, it only makes sense for the business to want to target each of these channels with their online campaign. By reaching out to a target audience in a variety of ways, a business is better able to connect with them while increasing online exposure at the same time.

How to Ensure Marketing Strategy Success

If you are having doubts about how well your company's strategy is integrated, you will need to take the time to analyze it. Making sure that your strategy includes social media marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing will help ensure that your efforts are well integrated. Without all of these online marketing components, your business will be missing out on opportunities to reach your audience and raise further awareness about your brand.

When you do have social media marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing strategies in place, you can provide your followers with high quality content that supplements each marketing channel. This will help you intertwine all of your marketing to provide your business with the best possible results, which is ultimately the goal of integrated marketing. Whether it's a PR agency Atlanta based or one in Los Angeles, if you are uncertain of where you stand, seek the help of marketing professionals.

There is no denying the success of online marketing in today's technological world. If you feel that your business could be doing more to gain additional customers or clients from the Internet, you may want to assess your company's online marketing. With a well-integrated online strategy, your business should be reaching your target through various channels, further strengthening your brand.

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