Surefire Optimization Tips for your Facebook Page

Posted by Tanya Hansen on February 03, 2013


Businesses have been quick to realize the importance of having a presence on social networking sites like Facebook, you can see that almost all the major companies have their own Fan Pages. As a small business owner, you too can leverage the power FB has, to reach out to more people and build your brand. But you need to ensure your page is capable of attracting fans.


Facebook Strategies for Small Business Owners

Posted by Brian Patterson on February 02, 2013


It comes as no surprise than many entrepreneurs and small business owners feel burdened by the time and effort they believe goes into maintaining social media accounts. When you compare your fledgling operation to long established businesses it can feel like you'll never have the type of online community they have. But it's not impossible! In fact, just by following a few basic guidelines, social media newbies can earn likes for the business Facebook page, boost engagement, and convert Facebook friends into real life customers.


SEO for Facebook Business Page

Posted by Ryan Larkin on January 05, 2013


Every trick you apply to search engine rankings apply to SEO for Facebook Business Page as well. The content, the look of your page and the information you provide there are important. The reach of Facebook is unquestionable. It is reported that 1 billion or more people are registered with Facebook and the figure keeps growing relentlessly every day. It is not just the registered users; more important is that at least half of them use it daily. That probably is enough to convince you about the reach that Facebook commands.