Warning Signs Of Gingivitis

Posted by Kevin Kerfoot on February 22, 2013


Gingivitis is a very common oral health complaint and there are plenty of ways to remedy the condition and reverse the symptoms that it causes. Unfortunately, many people who do develop the condition do not even realize that they have it, or they choose to overlook the warning signs that all is not right with their oral health. Unless you know how to spot the signs of gingivitis, you will not be able to treat it and this will cause the condition to worsen and lead to more serious oral health concerns.


How To Encourage Your Kids To Play Sports and Be Active

Posted by Juliet Siu on February 19, 2013


Australia's obesity percentage is the highest worldwide and childhood obesity continues to rise.  It's time to change our lifestyles. It all starts at home.  A great way to improve your health is get active. The recommended time for exercise each day is at least 30 minutes. It sounds like a lot to fit in with your routine, work and school but the following article explains how doing away with technology for at least an hour today can improve your fitness and relationship. The list includes two ways to encourage your children to active and get active yourself as well.


Tips To Avoid Hearing Loss At Work

Posted by Chris Evans on January 30, 2013


A great majority of us spend a large amount of our lives at work so it is bound to have an influence on our health. This can be positive and negative dependent on the job and the individual. Some effects are very apparent such as injuries, happiness, self worth and stress but some manifest themselves over time and can be hard to spot. There has been a rise in hearing loss compensation as workers are now realising that their occupation has been damaging their hearing for years.