5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Never Get Comments

Posted by Eric Brantner on January 27, 2013


As a blogger, one of the ways you gauge the popularity of your blog is by the number of comments you get. Are comments the only metric that matters? Of course not. But when you aren't getting comments, it shows that you don't have an engaged audience and it just makes your blog look dead and unpopular.

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Before you can correct the problem of not getting comments on your blog, you need to understand the reasons no one is commenting. Only after you understand these root causes can you take the steps to overcome this major problem.

With that in mind, here are 5 possible reasons your blog posts aren't getting comments.

You have no readers

Let's start with the most obvious possible issue. Does your blog actually have any readers? Do you get decent traffic? Obviously, if no one is reading your blog no one is going to comment on it. If a lack of traffic is your problem, you have to find ways to boost traffic to your site. Optimize your posts for the search engines, promote them across the social networks, send them out to your email list, etc.

Your posts have no emotional appeal

Readers respond to emotional writing. You should blog about topics that you and your readers are passionate. Share your honest opinions on hot topics, and stir up the emotions of your readers so they'll feel compelled to share their thoughts by leaving a comment.

You cover the topic too extensively

Is it really possible to write too extensively about a topic in your post? I say yes. When you cover every single angle of a topic in your blog post you don't leave any room for your readers to add any new thoughts in the comments. You've already said everything, so there's nothing else to say. Always leave some open room for discussion.

You don't respond to comments

Whenever someone comments on your blog, they're doing so as a way of interacting with you (and other readers). If you're ignoring your comments and not responding to them, people will stop commenting because they feel like you're not paying attention.

You don't ask for comments

It's pretty simple. If you want people to comment on your posts, you need to ask them to do so. People usually won't do something

unless you ask them to do so. With that in mind, always end your posts with a strong call to action asking your readers to leave a comment.

What are some other reasons people don't comment on blog posts? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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To boost traffic to your blog offer a good content. It could appear just like a no-brainer, but whether your site offers conversational anecdotes about everyday existence or posts on the very specialized subject, make sure the information is meaty and significant. Short, piddly posts with little to give the readers are condemned to fail.
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