Banner Ads: Can They Work For You?

Posted by Christa Palm on December 04, 2010


Banner ads have become controversial lately. Many experts state that banner ads have been replaced by other means of internet marketing; however, many major companies continue to advertise using banner ads. Let's take a look at banner advertising to help you determine if banner ads are a good fit for your business.

What are Banner Ads?

To begin, we have to define banner ads. One of the first forms of advertising on the internet, banner ads began to show up as obtrusive and often annoying pay-per-click ads on the web. Typified by the traditional banner format at the top of an internet page, banner ads have been developed into half-sized ads, quarter-sized ads, and micro-ads, to name a few. Banner ads can either be very simple, or the ads can be developed into flashy, animated ads or rich media ads (with sound effects or videos).

What is the Purpose of Banner Ads?


Internet Advertising: Text Links

Posted by Christa Palm on November 27, 2010


In the broad world of internet marketing, it is sometimes difficult to choose the path best for your business. From Facebook to Myspace, Linkedin to Twitter, SEO Articles to Text Links, it is often trying for a new business to decide on an internet advertising strategy. Fortunately, internet advertising is not as difficult as it seems, and online marketing can often increase business and traffic with ease. Let's take a look at what text link advertising entails.


Text Link Ads Can Boost Your Website In The Search Engine Results

Posted by Elena Williams on November 05, 2010


The World Wide Web is a tangled morass of billions of pages, and search engines work hard to keep up with the difficult task of categorizing and sorting them, ranking the very best ones at the top of the list. One way that has worked well to get your website ranked high is to have many other related resources linking back to it.

Text link ads are word-strings that are relevant to the topic of your website and used as anchor text in links that point back to your online resource. These text link ads can come from a variety of sources. Some of them are paid, and the others are free links.