How to Prevent Divorce Before Marriage

2014-03-06 08:04:07Lisa Coleman


Entering into a marriage will be one of the most emotionally charged events of your life. You will be filled with love, fear, happiness, and overwhelming joy. While it is normal to acknowledge that these emotions may tone down a little as time passes in a marriage, it is also easy to say that you can keep all of these positive feelings in your marriage for life with a little pre-planning.



Massive Wrecks: How to Evaluate the Damage

2014-03-06 07:55:58Lisa Coleman


No one starts out their day with the intent to be involved in an auto accident, but unfortunately, many individuals end up living out this reality. Luckily, the majority of accidents are simply fender benders that result in no injuries and can easily be handled by insurance companies. In some instances, however, commuters aren't this lucky. Massive accidents can lead to property damage, serious injuries and even death. Because of the difficulty that individuals can face after being involved in one of these accidents, it's imperative for them to understand what they're up against and how to properly respond to the situation.





Business Curb-Appeal: 5 Reasons Why it is so Important

2014-03-06 07:43:18Lisa Coleman


Curb appeal is a buzz phrase within the real estate industry, but it is also something that home and business owners need to pay close attention to. After all, if the exterior of your store is not visually appealing, the odds are high that many potential customers will make the decision to go elsewhere. Due to this, every business owner needs take steps to ensure that their curb appeal is up to date and aesthetically pleasing enough to capture the attention of current and potential customers. The following are several curb appeal techniques and how they can impact your business.