Google Algorithm Change 2011

Posted by Christa Palm on February 27, 2011


Early 2011 brought a rather large change to the way Google ranks webpages. An updated algorithm was introduced that targeted content scraping sites. However, this has triggered a lot of confusion in the world of internet advertising, leading many companies to question whether rewriting articles, allowing other sites to post their original articles, or posting one article to multiple sites will leave their own business websites out of the Google Pagerank loop.

Thankfully, some clarification came about recently, and we now know that Google is only targeting content scraping sites. What does this mean for your company and your websites? Let's take a look.


Successful Advertising Promotes Businesses Globally

Posted by Sam Jefferies on December 23, 2010


Large retail corporations have the advantage of having funds available to advertise nationally and internationally through media such as television, radio, and street signs and banners. The cost of this type of advertising can easily reach into the millions on a monthly basis. It begins to seem like an unfair advantage to smaller businesses with a focus on good products and superior customer service that do not have the benefits of having access to such abundant corporate funds for advertising. The primary goal of any business selling a product or a service is to become known to potential customers in a way that will encourage the people to purchase their product or services. No matter how good the service may be or how unique and brilliant the product may be, without the public aware of it, the business will never be successful.

The Internet has helped to level the playing field in the area of advertising for all businesses. With the development of globally-used search engines and social media, small businesses now can gain a foothold and an advantage in advertising which they would not have otherwise had available. SEO content has improved Google page rank for small to mid-sized businesses. Many companies are still in the dark as to what Search Engine Optimization actually means. They see it online and hear it tossed around, but still have little clue as to what this can actually do for their businesses.


Google PageRank

Posted by Christa Palm on December 18, 2010


Google PageRank is a very important part of your internet marketing. Without a satisfactory PageRank, your website could cause your business to be viewed as too small or too untrustworthy by potential customers. On the other hand, if your website ranks high on Google PageRank, your business may experience instant status and increased business. Let's take a look at what exactly Google PageRank is and what can you do to rank high.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is a mathematical equation, an algorithm, which determines individual internet site "weights." Using 500 million variables, two billion terms, and value as cast by votes, Google determines the worth of each internet site on the World Wide Web. Since pages are always advancing and changing, Google continuously recounts PageRank to deliver the best websites for each Google search, in order of PageRank calculation.

How Do I Increase My PageRank?