Older Mommy to Be? 8 Most Essential Products You'll Need for Your Baby

Posted by Lisa Coleman on November 17, 2013


Having a baby is a joyous occasion in a new mom's life. To ensure their happiness and comfort, you'll want to have a host of essential items on hand. However, meeting their every need can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what to get. The following baby items are important products that can help keep you afloat during their first year.


Santa Clarita, CA: A Fun Family Destination for Everyone!

Posted by Lisa Coleman


Santa Clarita, California is the third biggest city in California and has a host of fun and exciting things to do for the family. From an assortment of top rated golf courses, historical sites, amusement parks, luxurious spas, animal sanctuaries, outdoor recreational venues and acres of breathtaking land to explore, you'll find the adventures to be easily accessible.


5 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Out of Trouble

Posted by Casey Haslem on August 01, 2013


You probably have so much to do that you don't spend the time with your kids you'd like. After all, you're the one making sure they have everything they need. One thing they need most of all in today's world is for you to be involved in their life, even if they don't admit it.