5 Technologies You Can Use Anywhere

Posted by Jayla Barnsen on November 21, 2013


Technology is everywhere we look and everywhere we go. Technology has filled our lives with conveniences we never imagined. From the time we first used a telephone, listened to a radio or surfed the Web, we were experiencing technology and all it has to offer. However, society has taken technology to whole new levels today. We no longer have to stay in our homes to enjoy all these types of technology. Now we have the luxury of taking technology with us no matter where we go. Listed below are 5 technologies we can use anywhere.


How to Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD or Other Digital Formats

Posted by Tom Reynolds on June 05, 2013


Despite the fact that VHS tapes are a thing of the past, many of us still have piles of precious homemade videos in our homes. Rather than leaving your captured memories and footage of times gone by in a pile of junk, why not transfer them to DVD or another digital format so that you can watch them again and again? Transferring VHS tapes to DVD or other digital formats requires time and patience, but it is definitely worth it to get to see your old tapes again. In this article we will explain how to digitalise your tapes for easy and convenient playback.


7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft And Why Benjamin Franklin Was Wrong

Posted by James Kirby on May 30, 2013


be careful what you carry
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Has anyone ever told you the only things certain in life are death and taxes? When Benjamin Franklin uttered those words, I'm sure the world he was living in was a lot different to the one we live in today. These days you can also be certain that you will be in deep trouble if your private details end up in the hands of a criminal. I know you don't want your identity to be stolen but you're not doing much to prevent it, so we can look at a few ways you can change that starting from today.