5 Technologies You Can Use Anywhere

Posted by Jayla Barnsen on November 21, 2013


Technology is everywhere we look and everywhere we go. Technology has filled our lives with conveniences we never imagined. From the time we first used a telephone, listened to a radio or surfed the Web, we were experiencing technology and all it has to offer. However, society has taken technology to whole new levels today. We no longer have to stay in our homes to enjoy all these types of technology. Now we have the luxury of taking technology with us no matter where we go. Listed below are 5 technologies we can use anywhere.

5 Technologies You Can Use Anywhere
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1. ePrint Software and Printers

This technological advancement makes it possible to print documents, pictures or anything you want to print for anywhere you have an wireless connection. If you're on vacation and want to share pictures with your family and friends back home, you can do it from your smart phone or tablet. All you need is the ePrint software, an e-printer and your mobile device.

2. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance eliminates having to wonder what your kids are doing when you're not home. Customers of companies who offer video surveillance love the convenience and sense of security they feel with this great technology. You install the video equipment in your home and video surveillance allows you to look on your smart phone or any computer and see what's going on in your home.

3. Remote Temperature Control

With the cost of heating our homes high enough when we're in the home, who wants to pay to heat their home when it's empty? With remote temperature control, you can control your thermostat when you're gone. No more coming home to a cold home in the winter or a hot house in the summer with remote temperature control.

4. Automated Severe Weather Alerts

With this handy feature, you don't have to have your TV or radio on during poor weather. You'll receive text messages alerting you when severe weather is headed your way. You can also receive alerts for a variety of states and areas.

5. Home Security

Next to your family, your home is the most precious thing to you and you want to ensure its safety whether you're home or out and about. Vivint Security can provide you with automated home security that allows you to monitor your window/door sensors and will notify you if there is anything amiss. The system also notifies the security company and local authorities if necessary.

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