Which issues are unresolved in Cloud hosting?

Posted by Kate Funk on December 29, 2013


There are actually more unresolved issues involving cloud hosting, most of which are potential issues that have not arisen yet. Is cloud computing the train running off the edge of a cliff? It is unlikely, but when it comes to hosting it is fair to say we do not know the full extent of all the issues and problems that may arise.


Boost Your Web Speed and Security Through Dedicated Web Hosting

Posted by Emily Miller on November 21, 2013


In a world that's always increasing its dependence on technology, having a reliable website is essential. If your site loads slowly, users will be less likely to return to it. Consumers are also less likely to frequent websites with a history of security breaches. This problem is especially serious if your website stores consumers' personal information, such as credit card numbers or medical data, which could become vulnerable to external threats. It's important to ensure your website is always secure and operating efficiently.


Tips To Use Free Webhosting

Posted by Nidhi geekworldnews on March 05, 2013


Today we can talk about free webhosting their are so many free hosting providers available in hosting market. So be careful before choosing any free webhosting for you website and blogs. This post will explain to you exactly you have to look for when choosing a free web host to take care of your website for you.