Why to backup Exchange Database?

Posted by Yogita Aggarwal on May 22, 2013


Microsoft Outlook with Exchange is the most common & secure medium for performing business communication. If we talk about the functions of both, Outlook is the main emailing client & Exchange acts as a server for all associated Outlook users. Both the platforms have different file formats to save the copy of user's data. Exchange Server keeps data in EDB format and Outlook supports PST format. PST which stands for Portable Storage Folder is the most used format for archiving years' data.


List of mistakes that are related to back-up and disaster recovery

Posted by Tom Andrews on March 21, 2013


Back-up and disaster recovery are absolutely essential roles for any business, especially in today's climate. Backing up data is when a company, business or individual keeps an exact, and up to date, replica of any, or all, data they have. This can be done in a variety of ways including on an external hard drive, through a hard copy, or both.