The Business Takeover And Ever-changing Role Of Designers

Posted by Rebecca Woods on June 13, 2013


Design has most definitely been adopted by business as if it had never been questioned - business and product design now walk hand-in-hand. But in it's adoption, design and indeed the designers have had to adapt. The early noughties illustrated designers as one of the greatest uses and benefits for governments and businesses. Designers no longer serve one innovative propose. Over recent years, the role of product designer has progressed in leaps and bounds, introducing a myriad of new angles to the entire designing process. There's a lot to be considered from the point of simply an idea for a product, social aspects now playing a huge part in a product's success, speciafically the commercial product designing sector.


Taking a new phase of conceptual art

Posted by Dino Patowary on March 12, 2013


Whenever we hear the word art, we think about painters, canvases, painting exhibitions etc. these are off course integral part of fine arts but there are many other applications of artistic works in different walks of like. When see an animated character on the screen, we must remember that it is also a work of art. It is created for practical use and has specific purpose but nonetheless in order to give it shape, a good amount of creative effort was spent. We should not undermine the work of those people who by profession exercise their creative talent to bring us animated films, games, videos, advertisements etc. these people are artists and their work is based on 2D concept art.


Tips and Tricks for designing Interesting Infographic

Posted by Korah Morrison on March 06, 2013


Infographics are fun means of communicating information in a visually pleasing way, which strikes a nice balance between easy to use and easy to read. They are a way of communicating information that would otherwise seem dry, stale and dull. There is also a curious element of allowing information to be shared on a somewhat level playing field. If you were to take your infographic information and create a web page with it, then you would have to suffer the ups and downs of competing with similar web pages, whereas competing with other infographics seems to be a lot easier. This may be due to the way that Google indexes such information, or the fact that there is simply less competition with infographics than there is with information set out on a web page.