Tips and Tricks for designing Interesting Infographic

Posted by Korah Morrison on March 06, 2013


Infographics are fun means of communicating information in a visually pleasing way, which strikes a nice balance between easy to use and easy to read. They are a way of communicating information that would otherwise seem dry, stale and dull. There is also a curious element of allowing information to be shared on a somewhat level playing field. If you were to take your infographic information and create a web page with it, then you would have to suffer the ups and downs of competing with similar web pages, whereas competing with other infographics seems to be a lot easier. This may be due to the way that Google indexes such information, or the fact that there is simply less competition with infographics than there is with information set out on a web page.

Use familiarity to gain more supporters

We seem to be living in an era where there has been an invasion of graphical representation of data and information, most commonly and charmingly called infographics. Social media networks have been inundated. Blogs and social media are to blame for the spread more than any others. Familiarity is a quality that your info graphics should hold, because people online will pay attention to things they think they recognizes. That is why so many websites copy the formatting or design of the bigger websites. If you create info graphics that are similar in design to more popular infographics then more people will pay attention to them.

Don't leave data open to interpretation

Your Infographic display data must not be left open to interpretation, but must on the contrary provide a conclusion that is universal for all users. Also, when you have the opportunity to highlight information visually, it must be done otherwise you defeat the object of creating an Infographic. If the customer wanted an Excel chart then he/she would not have researched a relevant info graphic.

Choose your font very carefully

Regarding the choice of font, you must remember that a good font helps, but cannot be the solution to the problem of a dull Infographic. Try picking your font early in your Infographic creation so that you can manipulate the layout to suite the font. Your title has to be easy to read, so if you have any sort of italic writing on your Infographic, it may be a good idea to change the font of the title to something easier to read.

Put your data above your creativity

The design should be based not only on making beautiful visual elements, but on being able to communicate your data fully and effectively. When designing infographics, therefore, you must first analyze and understand the data, making sure not to sacrifice precision and clarity just to create something that has a unique look.

The elements of a good Infographic

The key elements that are essential are the right balance between information and graphics and a good harmony between immediacy and readability. And do not forget that even Infographic can have a fun aspect.

Do not be afraid to use cartoons

Sometimes if you have really dry data that you are having trouble putting into an attractive form, you should add a cartoon to help maintain the visual appeal. It is often difficult to place smaller lines of text without them getting lost in the background noise. A speech bubble coming from the cartoon characters mouth is a nice way to keep the text in view.

Comedy is okay on an Infographic

You are not creating a PowerPoint presentation to show to your chiefs of staff. You are creating an infographic, which means that a little bit of comedy is okay if you do not damage the data when you do it. People still need to be able to read and understand the data.

If you can write it, you can draw it

There should not be very much text on your Infographic. Most of your text should be able to be visualized in some way. For example, a small paragraph on how hairstyles changed in the last ten years can be replaced by a timeline of hairstyle pictures spanning over ten years. Try to reduce word count in favor of the highly visual.

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