Top 5 Android Apps for Blog Writing

Posted by Leslie Anglesey on January 29, 2013


Inspiration may come anytime and anyplace. Yes, that finicky writing muse may or not come at all. Yet, when it comes, a professional paper writer should immediately get down to work, and it does not matter where he/she is or what he/she is doing! When a bright idea pops up to your head, you should immediately fish for your smartphone or a tablet PC and start writing. Also, we spend so much time in public transport, queues and other places where we have to wait for something. Why, waste this time, especially since almost everyone owns an Android device these days. So, what apps will help you in blog writing or taking notes using your Android phone? Here’s the top 5 list:


5 Reasons Your Blog Posts Never Get Comments

Posted by Eric Brantner on January 27, 2013


As a blogger, one of the ways you gauge the popularity of your blog is by the number of comments you get. Are comments the only metric that matters? Of course not. But when you aren't getting comments, it shows that you don't have an engaged audience and it just makes your blog look dead and unpopular.


Enough is Enough: Say a Strict 'NO' to these Grammatical Errors

Posted by Aditi Datta on January 10, 2013


Spelling grammar punctuation mistakes Have you ever read a blog post and thinks that- "This writer has highlighted some of the good ideas but the grammatical errors are just driving me crazy?" .If this is not the condition with you, then you have been quite lucky enough. This is because there are a lot of readers who just get bemused and bewildered as they are simply not getting the meaning out of it. Grammatical slip-ups do make your writing much harder and sometimes they may even turn your readers off. Content may be considered as the 'KING' but you will definitely gain a lot more respect if your ideas that you convey matches the luminosity of your writing without having a single grammatical error.