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Posted by Leslie Anglesey on January 29, 2013


Inspiration may come anytime and anyplace. Yes, that finicky writing muse may or not come at all. Yet, when it comes, a professional paper writer should immediately get down to work, and it does not matter where he/she is or what he/she is doing! When a bright idea pops up to your head, you should immediately fish for your smartphone or a tablet PC and start writing. Also, we spend so much time in public transport, queues and other places where we have to wait for something. Why, waste this time, especially since almost everyone owns an Android device these days. So, what apps will help you in blog writing or taking notes using your Android phone? Here’s the top 5 list:

1. mNote and Solid Note.

The two apps guarantee excellent writing experience, a reliable auto save feature, less lagging and a simple user interface. Yes, it is important to know the app saves what you have written so you do not have to save every 2 minutes. One of the app is not free (SolidNote) however the price is not that enormous – 2.37$. mNote is a free alternative to Simplenote. SolidNote is fast and clean. Its major advantage is synchronization with a Simple Note service.

2. Thinking Space.

Many writers prefer opening the test and drafting it anytime they have a new idea while others want to sort things out first and draw a writing strategy map. If you are one of the latter, Thinking Space is a perfect app for you. Often, it is difficult to bring all thoughts and ideas together, establish cause and effect ties between various parts of the text etc. With thinking space, it is an easy task. With this app it is easy to create image files and share them with the world. Often, a draft article looks better as a scheme than a bunch of strange abstracts of text. For sure, Thinking Space is a must have app for professional writers who prefer planning the paper writing process in advance.

3. AK Notepad.

Well, if Solid Note isn’t something you really enjoy, perhaps you will like AK Notepad. If you are an iPhone pad fan (yellow color scheme of the pad), this is the app you are looking for. Just like many Android apps, it is incredibly user friendly and simple. AK Notepad can boast of some simple but helpful features, such as placing notes to Android home screen, set reminders for certain notes (yes, you will never forget to write an essay on time) as well as tag the notes. Moreover, it is possible to save notes on SC card (Android users know that not all apps have such a feature). In general, AK Notepad is an app that will be suitable for writers having various goals and requirements to writing applications.

4. Evernote and Springpad.

Today, content writing incorporates weblinks, images and dictated notes. Evernote can easily cope with all that stuff. Besides, its recently modified sync features are really impressive, since the app can synchronize to whatever platform you use. Springpad is another tool that appeared while Evernote was undergoing changes. The biggest advantage of both tools is that they are totally free. With these two apps your android phone turns into a personal secretary ready to assist you anytime you get inspired to write some paper.

5. Droid Room and ColorNote.

Droid room is a specific app. This is designed for folks fond of green terminal text on the black background, you know, like in movies where secret agents break in computer systems. This is an extremely simple application that although has its charm. It offers a full screen mode and possibility to save files on SD card. Text and background can be customized but we recommend leaving default settings. Just for 1$ you get a super app! Also, you can use Color Notes if you are a fan of sticky notes on your monitor (although gone are the days when this was a hot trend). With ColorNote you will be able to stick notes everywhere, for instance user your FB client link, just not to forget to share your latest papers. Also, you may stick notes to draft articles to organize your time and writing schedule.

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