Surface Computer !! Turning a Ordinary laptop into Digital Surface

Posted by Vijay Engrit on March 05, 2013


Microsoft's Surface Computer is a Multi-Touch and very interactive computer that uses a ordinary object to interact with user rather than Keyboard and Mouse. The system allows the various people to work simultaneously without using the Keyboard and Mouse.


Windows 8 Features that Will Require Training

Posted by Abhishek Khandelwal on December 24, 2012


Even though you might think that Windows 8 is yet another slight improvement when compared to its previous version, Windows 7, the truth is that Microsoft did more than just a few tweaks here and there this time around. Yes, what they did is they basically created a whole new operating system, which merely shares the same popular name, Windows, and almost nothing else with its predecessor. Here, we will try to point out some of the Windows 8 features that will surely require Windows 8 tutorials and training for most users – beginner, intermediate, and even advanced ones.


Windows 7 Some of the Useful keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Damodar Bashyal on February 11, 2012


Below are the some of the short cuts for windows 7. Some of them applies to previous versions of windows too.

Help and Support Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Alt + A Display the customer support page.
  • Alt + C Display the Table of Contents.
  • Alt + N Display the Connection Settings menu.
  • Alt + Left Arrow Move back to the previously viewed help topic.
  • Alt + Right Arrow Move forward to the next previously viewed help topic.
  • Alt + Home Display the Help and Support home page.
  • Ctrl + F Search the current help topic.
  • Ctrl + P Print the current help topic.
  • End Move to the end of a help topic.
  • F3 Move focus to the Search box.
  • F10 Display the Options menu.
  • Home Move the to beginning of a help topic.