Fun Ways To Recycle Your Old Computers And Laptops

Posted by Annabelle Smyth on May 08, 2013


The disposal of old laptop and desktop computers can take a serious toll on the environment. In addition to non-biodegradable plastics, old computers also contain heavy metals that can be leeched into the water table. Many components are also manufactured using valuable metals such as gold, silver and copper. Recycling old electronics can be highly beneficial to the environment, but many commercial recycling methods produce harmful emissions in the process. Those who have outdated computers are not completely out of recycling options, and there are some fun ways to recycle old computers and laptops while minimizing impact on the environment.


Easy Ways To Boost Your Old Computers Speed

Posted by Madyson Grant on April 12, 2013


Computer technology is advancing very fast. Some systems are now considered old or outdated just one or two years after release. There are also homes that contain functioning computers that are ten or more years old. These older systems are still good for many common uses such as web browsing or word processing. It is possible to improve the speed and performance of an older system by taking five easy steps.