Fun Ways To Recycle Your Old Computers And Laptops

Posted by Annabelle Smyth on May 08, 2013


The disposal of old laptop and desktop computers can take a serious toll on the environment. In addition to non-biodegradable plastics, old computers also contain heavy metals that can be leeched into the water table. Many components are also manufactured using valuable metals such as gold, silver and copper. Recycling old electronics can be highly beneficial to the environment, but many commercial recycling methods produce harmful emissions in the process. Those who have outdated computers are not completely out of recycling options, and there are some fun ways to recycle old computers and laptops while minimizing impact on the environment.

Fun Ways To Recycle Your Old Computers And Laptops

Creating Art with Old Technology

Older desktop and laptop computers have great appeal among retro art lovers. Dinosaur systems can be put on display without any modification, but more modern computers can be decorated or redesigned to create an original work of art.

Outdated systems are often upholstered, painted or pounded to create a visual representation. There are no limits as to what can be done to transform an outdated or damaged computer system.

Build an Entirely New Kind of Computer

Individuals that are more technically inclined often choose to use old computer parts to assemble new systems. This provides an environmentally friendly way to recycle old computers, but it also gives the hardware savvy a way to be creative.

By saving good components and peripherals, new desktops, laptops and rack-mounts can be created with a small investment. Discounted parts and enclosures are readily available, and you can click here for a reputable parts source. Or visit

Do-it-yourself Extreme Computer Recycling

Only so much can be done with a laptop, but older desktops are constructed using durable metal enclosures. The do-it-yourself crowd can recycle desktop computers by using them to create shelves, storage containers and even furniture.

Desktop PCs can hold a tremendous amount of weight despite their size, and they make an excellent material choice for construction around the house. Sides can be combined with brackets for a durable shelving solution, or systems can be modified to construct mail boxes, welding masks and many other extreme creations.

Recycling old computers is a great way to conserve natural resources, but there are many different ways to do so. Commercial recycling isn't for everyone, but it's just one of the options available to reuse computer hardware. Whether art, technology or home improvement is your area of expertise, there are fun ways for everyone to recycle their old laptop and desktop computers.

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Great! These are beneficial things you can do with your old laptop instead of throwing it away ignorantly.
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