What Kind of Translation Should You Use?

Posted by Rachel Wheeler on August 30, 2017


When dealing with legal matters, employment processes, academic applications, and similar issues, you may be asked to provide a certified or notarized translation. The two are different, and submitting the right one requires knowing the difference between the two. Luckily, if you hire a reputable translation company, they’ll usually be able to provide either one.

When to Use Certified Translations?

A certified translation doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who translated it is a certified translator. Although organizations like the American Translators Association do offer certification programs, you don’t need to have participated in one to provide a certified translation.


Harness Post-Holiday Annoyance for Great Savings

Posted by Danielle M on January 27, 2014


Sick of Christmas? So is everyone else, which makes this exactly the right time to buy holiday supplies for next year. The lack of sentimentality you're feeling will also help you make logical choices (maybe the tree should be ever so slightly smaller than your living room's ceiling) and not overspend on clutter. Those snowman figurines might have seemed irresistible in November, but in January, they're just another reminder that the bleak winter still hasn't passed.


How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Posted by Emily Miller on January 14, 2014


You come home after a long day at work, grab the mail, take off your coat - but before you can utter the words "Home, sweet home," you catch a whiff of something not-so-fresh in the kitchen.

You don't have any leftovers festering in the fridge. You took out the trash. So what could it be?