Older Mommy to Be? 8 Most Essential Products You'll Need for Your Baby

Posted by Lisa Coleman on November 17, 2013


Having a baby is a joyous occasion in a new mom's life. To ensure their happiness and comfort, you'll want to have a host of essential items on hand. However, meeting their every need can be overwhelming if you aren't sure what to get. The following baby items are important products that can help keep you afloat during their first year.

Older Mommy to Be? 8 Most Essential Products You'll Need for Your Baby
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1. Sling

If you're looking for a hands-free gadget to make your life easier with your little one, the infant sling is an essential item. Your infant is used to being held and comforted inside your womb for nine months and can find it difficult to be left alone. To provide comfort and ease during their finicky moments, the sling can keep them close to your heart and allow you to pay bills, eat or read.

2. Play Yard

A baby play yard is a unique piece of equipment to teach your infant to play independently. By giving them some of their favorite toys to play with, they'll be easily entertained and can learn basic developmental skills. Since it's easily transported and can be moved from room-to-room, you can keep a close watch over them while they nap or sleep for the night.

3. Stroller

Even in the cooler months, you'll want to break up a long day with a walk. A stroller is a handy piece of equipment that allows you to transport your infant easily from shopping malls to parks. If you're a jogger, you can also find a stroller that is geared for runners and absorbs most of the shock to alleviate a bumpy ride for your infant.

4. Onesies

This comfortable baby body suit is not only adorable, it can provide several purposes. These handy shirts button at the bottom to prevent the clothing from riding up on your infant. They also provide warmth and comfort to keep them cozy in inclement weather.

5. Diapers and Wipes

Diapers and wipes are an obvious necessity when having a baby. Whether you're looking for the disposable variety or cloth, you'll need to have a large supply on-hand. A diaper pail and baby wipes are other essential items to have around too.

6. Monitor

Today's monitors are better designed to meet a new mom's needs. Not only can you hear their every cry and movement, you can see them too with a video monitor.

7. Bathtub

Having a safe and healthy environment to bathe and keep your infant clean is something many first time moms should definitely consider. A baby bathtub provides a non-slip place to properly wash them without worrying about falls and injuries.

8. Car Seat

One of the most obvious pieces of equipment that you'll need is a car seat. Traveling to and from grandma's house, shopping and short trips can be made all the safer. You'll want to do your research and test them out to ensure that you've found something safe and reliable.

As your infant grows and develops, your baby essentials list will too. Key essential items will allow you to care for your infant and meet their basic needs. They can also help with getting things done around the house while keeping both mom and baby happy.

Lisa Coleman enjoys writing about family and lifestyle. She is very family oriented and has found that items such as a baby play yard, stroller and car seats are essential for all new moms and will help with time management while their baby is young.

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