Business Curb-Appeal: 5 Reasons Why it is so Important

Posted by Lisa Coleman on March 06, 2014


Curb appeal is a buzz phrase within the real estate industry, but it is also something that home and business owners need to pay close attention to. After all, if the exterior of your store is not visually appealing, the odds are high that many potential customers will make the decision to go elsewhere. Due to this, every business owner needs take steps to ensure that their curb appeal is up to date and aesthetically pleasing enough to capture the attention of current and potential customers. The following are several curb appeal techniques and how they can impact your business.


Harness Post-Holiday Annoyance for Great Savings

Posted by Danielle M on January 27, 2014


Sick of Christmas? So is everyone else, which makes this exactly the right time to buy holiday supplies for next year. The lack of sentimentality you're feeling will also help you make logical choices (maybe the tree should be ever so slightly smaller than your living room's ceiling) and not overspend on clutter. Those snowman figurines might have seemed irresistible in November, but in January, they're just another reminder that the bleak winter still hasn't passed.


5 Ways a Business can Detect Fraud and Embezzlement

Posted by Lisa Coleman on January 27, 2014


Every business owner should be concerned about the possibility of fraud and embezzlement impacting their company. After all, a single rogue employee could cause extensive damage, especially if their actions are not discovered for an extended period of time. Due to this, you should always take a proactive approach to dealing with this type of issue. The following tips are some ways that a business owner can detect and prevent embezzlement and fraud.