Business Curb-Appeal: 5 Reasons Why it is so Important

Posted by Lisa Coleman on March 06, 2014


Curb appeal is a buzz phrase within the real estate industry, but it is also something that home and business owners need to pay close attention to. After all, if the exterior of your store is not visually appealing, the odds are high that many potential customers will make the decision to go elsewhere. Due to this, every business owner needs take steps to ensure that their curb appeal is up to date and aesthetically pleasing enough to capture the attention of current and potential customers. The following are several curb appeal techniques and how they can impact your business.

Business Curb-Appeal: 5 Reasons Why it is so Important
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1. Landscaping

Everyone has driven past a business that has a shabby property with long grass and no flowers. Although this might allow the owner to save money on landscaping fees, it will definitely hurt them in the long run because this type of exterior will give customers the impression that the company is not serious about providing quality products or services.

Therefore, every business owner should carefully consider hiring a professional landscaping business such as Arbor-Nomics Inc to help them get the most out of their property. This is definitely the most convenient approach, and a landscaping company will also have easy access to diverse floral options that will brighten up your walkway.

2. Signage

You are most likely going to lose out on several prime opportunities to increase your customer base if your signage does not make it instantly recognizable what your company does. Additionally, signs that are old and visibly worn are a turnoff for consumers.

3. Sidewalks

The sidewalks and entryway on your property need to be in good condition for multiple reasons. After all, a sidewalk that is filled with cracks will present the appearance of company that is not financially stable, and you could also end up dealing with a serious lawsuit if someone gets hurt due to a trip hazard that you failed to repair.

4. Parking Lot

Everyone has visited a business that had a parking lot in such disrepair that it looked like a scene from a war movie. This is one of the worst ways to make a good first impression on your customers, and it can also lead to property damage claims if a major pothole starts destroying your customers' tires.

5. Building Appearance

Even if you have perfect landscaping and signage in place, you can still turn off potential customers by having a building that has not been painted in the last decade. Keep in mind that your building is one of the first things that people will see, so you need to pay close attention to ensure that you correct any visible issues as soon as they occur. In other words, leaving a broken window boarded up for several weeks is never a good way to remain profitable.

As you can see, the overall curb appeal of your property will play a major role in the way that consumers view your company. Therefore, every business owner should dedicate part of their annual budget to keeping their parking lot, sidewalks, building exterior and signage in good repair, and it is also imperative to keep your landscaping up to date.

Lisa Coleman shares the importance and impact curb appeal can make for a business and their growth. She recently read online about professional landscaping services from Arbor-Nomics Inc and how they can help enhance the landscape for any business in the Atlanta area.

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