Buying Followers for Cheap on Twitter

Posted by Tom Bolton on January 19, 2013


In the previous days, when a shop or a company of large or medium size, wanted to attract the attention of prospective customers, they would immediately take sanctuary of hand painted posters or big billboards and banners.

Nonetheless, now we have internet and this is an interesting arena for businesses. Since, the whole world is connected via internet from their PCs or even from their mobile phones, businesses saw this as an avenue where a little ad-libbing and witty social media marketing tactics can bring in great revenues.


Twitter Tricks For Self Promotion

Posted by Rob Walker on January 10, 2013


As a blogger we are always thinking of new ways to outsource our content, and one oft he easiest ways is doing it by ourselves. Believe it or not there are many services out there which help promote blogs.

If you own a blog and are not using Twitter heavily then your missing a massive market. Creating a good Twitter following is relatively easy, it may take a while until you reach 1000 followers, but the work load is low.


Ideas On Using Twitter For Business And Marketing

Posted by Sam Jefferies on January 29, 2011


Anyone can use Twitter to get their product or brand advertised, and it hardly costs a penny. Here are a few ideas on using Twitter for business and marketing purposes.

If you are looking for ideas on using Twitter for business and marketing purposes, remember that it is a social communication platform, and this will require you to be active on the service. Since most people tweet in real time, placing your product or service continually in appropriate places and formats will help to reach the intended audience without being intrusive or annoying.