Robbing a Business of Its Identity was Never This Easy

Posted by Natalia David on January 29, 2013


Industrial Revolution revamped the structure of business and brought a drastic change in their conduct. Along came the second wave of change, which introduced technology in every sphere of life, including industry and business - improving quality of work and life. Cell phone technology has brought innovation to the business world - where owners of small to large sized business are conducting work related activities over the phones - storing important information, which can prove devastating for the business if fallen in the hands of wrong people. Moreover, advancement in technology has raised severe issues of identity theft. It is becoming easier for the thieves to access, obtain and make fake copies of the identity - which a common person cannot fathom. This practice is gaining momentum in small neighborhood business. Sharing personal information with a small business may seem very harmless - but the reality can be different sometimes.


Learning the Tricks to Becoming a Successful Web Host Provider

Posted by Mia Johnson on January 26, 2013


In the era of digital technology, the internet continues to become the number one tool for advertising and promotions. Now everyone from sole proprietors to multi-national corporations is vying to get a piece of this pie. Every business out there, regardless of its size are now introducing their products and services through the internet by launching an official website. This increasing demand gave rise to a new opportunity to make money: becoming a web host provider.


10 reasons why open source is Good for Business

Posted by Vishal Shah on January 19, 2013


Now a days we many see in many private and government organizations are having their own websites and they are using now free software technology such as Linux, it's just not increasingly clear that price is not the only advantage such software holds.  Rather, free and open source software (FOSS) holds numerous other important advantages for businesses, some of them are even more valuable than the software's low price. Need a few examples? Let's start counting.