5 Reasons You Should Start Budgeting Today

Posted by Casey Haslem on July 14, 2013


Having a savings account and understanding how to budget is often essential in many households today. When you want to turn your life around financially, there are many benefits that come along with budgeting that can help you and your entire family. There are plenty of reasons why you should start budgeting today to positively affect you in the future.


5 Tips To Help You Start Fresh With A New Financial Route

Posted by Casey Haslem on July 09, 2013


Financial problems plague so many Americans, and as the economy stays in a fairly poor position, these issues are going to continue to arise. When you want to implement a new financial route for your family, what are five tips you need to implement right away?


Senior Assisted Living for An Aging Parent: How Can We Afford It?

Posted by Midnight Walker on June 25, 2013


As your parents grow older, their physical and mental needs will begin to change. Finding an assisted living facility for an aging parent can be the right choice, but you may be wondering how you're going to pay for it. Dependent upon their specific needs, you'll find a variety of affordable options to help pay for their living expenses. Whether you seek assisted living in Dunwoody, Georgia or any other location, ask a friend or loved one for a recommendation or make a search online, paying special attention to reviews.