Five Ways to Convince Yourself to Exercise

Posted by Annabelle Smyth on March 17, 2013


Dragging yourself out of the house bright and early, or after a long day of work, can be tough. Many people don't have the luxury of a convenient time to exercise and making it to the gym can be a challenge. Need motivation? Read on for five ways to convince yourself to exercise.


A Guide to Low Carb Diet

Posted by Aini Clive on March 12, 2013


Carbohydrates are the basic source of energy for the body, and they are categorized as simple and complex carbohydrates. When you eat more carbohydrates than usual your body starts putting on the weight. They are found naturally in some food items such as plant based food contain the carbohydrates such a grains. Processed foods contain carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugar as well so be careful while The body should get only the required amount of carbohydrates otherwise they will not only fuel the body, but will put on the body weight as well.


Easy and Fun Ways to Shed the Weight While at Home

Posted by Madyson Grant on March 01, 2013


The traditional ways to shed weight while at home often require long periods of focused activity that is rarely enjoyable. Spending hours every day in a small room with exercise equipment or tapes makes the idea of burning calories unattractive. Fortunately, there are several fun and easy ways to lose weight without leaving the home.