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Posted by Christa Palm on March 14, 2011


One of the newest internet marketing tools used to boost sales is the video sales letter. This techniques takes your business idea and presents it to the customer in a simple, easy to follow format that can include a voice over Powerpoint presentation, a home video, or a fully directed professional video. Although the format can be rather simple, the content should follow a few rules. Let 's look at some ideas for improving your internet sales letter.

Grab Customer's Attention

The most important aspect of the video sales letter is to deliver great, attention grabbing content. Even though the video is often easier for customers to follow, they still expect marketing excellence to even consider buying your product.

For this reason, your content should be fully planned, scripted, developed and edited -- even before you begin taping. Sometimes, if you have an excellent, attention grabbing written sales letter, you can tweak a few aspects and read the letter in your video.

However, if you do not have an existing sales letter to work from, you should write a letter that intrigues your intended audience. This could include hiring a marketing professional, hiring a writer, or writing your own letter. In any case, writing your presentation out in a format that converts easily to video will help you in your video development.

Video Presentation

Once you have your video script, you will need to compile the video. This leaves you with options of hiring actors and directors, reading the script yourself, or presenting through Powerpoint.

All of these options can be great, but Powerpoint presentations can be the most cost effective yet professional. The appeal of Powerpoint is that the slides are crisp without additional fees for taping in HD and you will not have to hire professionals. Simply reading your script while emphasizing points through slides will produce an excellent video.

Don't Give Away Your Product

As you present, one of the more difficult balances to strike for optimal sales is how much information you need to give to your customers. Most people would like a sneak peek of a product they wish to purchase, but if you give them too much information, they won't see a need to purchase the product.

For this reason, dangling a few juicy tips will make your customers see the worth in your product without giving away your secrets. For example, if you have a diet video, offering a few tips about eating butter and homemade ice cream while alluding to the big secret -- cutting out all processed foods -- will intrigue your audience enough that they may feel more inclined to purchasing your product.

Video sales letters may be one of the newest forms of internet marketing, but they still follow basic marketing ideas. Intriguing customers through great content writing, presenting the material in an easy to follow format, and striking a balance in product presentation can all help you deliver the best video sales letter possible, with the best returns in sales numbers.

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