Animation and the advantages to it

Posted by Michael Vk on December 28, 2012


Motion graphics can be described as graphics in action. It means these graphical objects will not remain static but will have a motion to it.

A video is better known by the animation involved in it and in turn, the exceptional quality of graphics definitely creates an impact on the viewers. The concept and purpose behind these graphics in motion is to enhance the viewers and make them experience a real-time motion in comparison to the real video.

To give the effect the animators would shoot a video on real time camera. Motion Graphics plays a vital role in most of animation movies as it gives a real time feel to its audience. With the help of Online animation an animator can develop idea for his animated characters, which could be of human or any other form. These animated characters are designed and developed in such ways that, it can look very similar to actual actors. This makes the video look real and gives the audiences a real feel.

One of the major advantages with such motion graphic videos is that though they look and provide the audience with a real life like feel, they are animated and cost effective. This makes animation one of the most sought after videos in the recent days as they have various advantages.

Some of the biggest advantages of animation include -

  • Animation can be utilized in all sectors like entertainment, gaming, educational training, business or commercial sectors.
  • This is one industry where the target audience can range between any age. The creativity as well as the technology can capture all age groups.
  • Animation can be used in the advertising sector as it can portray a new as well as old product with great detailing. It can also demonstrate and describe the use of a product to the consumer.
  • It helps in gaining public attention to a great extent and has proven to be a success with people with very short attention span.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the Animation industry is that it provides a low production cost when compared to the real movie. Moreover the entire animation production can be completed from a single location.
  • The shape of an animated character can be molded as per the animator's idea, and the artist can give any look to the character.

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