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Posted by Ella Zeen on March 20, 2013


For a great number of people, the ability to listen to music on their phone is just as important as the ability to make phone calls, and for many other it is a handy and interesting addition to the basic functions of a handheld. While some people might prefer having a player that allows them to listen to their own songs, radio apps have a number of advantages. First of all, you don’t need the storage space for the songs, and secondly, listening to radio is a great way to discover new bands or artists that you might enjoy. This is why we have provided you with a list of some of the most interesting radio apps out there.

  • TuneIn Radio


    If you were to have only one radio app, this should probably be the one. Apart from having a great, user-friendly interface, it is the app that seems to be putting the most effort into staying updated on all the shows and stations around the world. You can look for stations or ask for on-demand content from different parts of the world, and in some cases might even be given an option to have that content streamed from a closer location, for better reception. The free version is amazing enough, and you should only get the paid one if you are interested into recording the shows or music that you are listening to.


  • Pocket Casts


    This is a great podcast catcher app that can even work when you are offline, which can be great in areas with low reception. Apart from allowing you to listen to audio podcasts, you can also watch video, or if you so prefer, have only the audio played, in order to conserve your battery life. The app comes with all the features and options that one might need, as well as a nice collection of recommended podcasts.


  • Stitcher


    While not as feature rich as the previous app, this podcast catcher does have its advantages. It offers a much wider array of podcasts, and it streams them for your listening convenience. Naturally, you can add your favorite podcasts. The app might be a bit tricky to use in areas with low reception, and you can’t use it without an internet connection, but it can still provide you with hours of fun.


  • Digitally imported Radio


    A somewhat specialized radio that mostly, if not exclusively, caters to the fans of electronic music. Basically, you are presented with some 37 stations that mostly play similar kinds of music. It does have a great interface, and it allows you to bookmark your favorite stations for future reference. In case that you like drum’n’bass, progressive, techno or trance, this app should have you covered, and can save you a lot of time searching for your favorite music.




    Even if you’re not into music, or radio in particular, you have probably already heard about this app. While perhaps not excelling in any of its other features (which is not to say that it doesn’t do its job adequately) it has one great advantage over other radio apps, and that is the fact that it is probably the best way to find new music that you might like. If you had a account before getting the app, you can import your choices and data, with the only restriction being that if you want more than 50 songs, you will have to get the paid version of the app.



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