Risky Business: World's Most Dangerous Jobs

Posted by Dave Peterson on January 16, 2013


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Let's face the facts here. There are just some people around who are incredibly fearless - more than we could ever imagine. We don't know why this is but we're quite happy observing from a distance in awe of their commitment to high risk. The most dangerous jobs in the world are generally occupied by such intrepid characters. Here is a top 4 list of such careers.

1. Hook Line and Sinker

There's nothing better than enjoying the fresh catch of the day on a sea front promenade, but it's very seldom we consider – or even have an idea of - that fish's journey from ocean to palate. Fishermen have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world simply because of the conditions out at sea and the mass collection of sea life that requires efficient operations and dangerous equipment.

2. Stumped

Look around you. How many objects are made from wood or include it as an element? Once again the trip from tree to table has its very dangerous moments. This job involves conducting very precise operations which, if done inadequately could result in a lot worse than a written warning from your boss.

3. Built for Bravery

If you're working from a dizzy height your chances of coming short are significantly increased. As one of the most dangerous jobs out there, structural construction engineers are faced with orchestrating tough procedures many feet above ground. Safety harnesses are obviously essential, but sometimes accidents happen and as opposed to spilling a cup of coffee on your keyboard and having a sticky “alt” key, the outcome can be quite a lot more severe.

4. A Minor Thing

As a miner, going down hundreds of feet into the earth's underbelly can be an extremely taxing occupation. It's hot, it's dirty, and it's heavy work. It's no secret that many mineral resources are found within 3rd world countries and some might argue that in many cases the compensation for a job of this nature is not sufficient enough. But everyone has to earn a living even if there is significant risk involved in what is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

There are plenty more of these jobs that most of us would avoid doing until it became absolutely necessary. For this reason it's important to acknowledge how tough these occupations can be and appreciate the risk involved in holding down some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Dave Peterson has written for several construction-related publications and is very big on promoting developments in the latest safety work wear.

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