Video Production: A Business's Best New Online Marketing Platform

Posted by Lisa Coleman on September 01, 2013


People who visit a website often do not have time for reading lengthy articles and descriptions of products and services. They want content that is easy to understand and does not take a lot of time for them to digest. Rather than rely on written content, many website owners are now utilizing video productions on their websites. Videos provide a fast and easy way to capture people's attention and personalize a website to the owners' preferences and goals. As online website owners think about whether or not they want to include videos on their websites, they are encouraged to consider the benefits of video production services.

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Videos Encourage People to Stay

Many online searchers only stay a minute or two, or sometimes less, browsing a website. They may look at the pictures, glance at the highlighted links, and skim the information provided on the site they are visiting. However, many people quickly become bored and move on to another site. When a person's goal is to retain as many visitors as possible and encourage those people to buy products or services, that individual can achieve that goal by utilizing a video production on his or her site.

Videos provide instant entertainment that does not require that people read or make much physical effort to understand. They may linger at the site to see how the video ends, enjoy the bright graphics and music, and realize that the website owner is very relatable to them.

Videos Allow People to Personalize Their Sites

While website owners can use graphics, pictures, and music to personalize their website, these aspects cannot match the personalization that videos offer. When a person includes a video on his or her site, that video is an automatic reflection of that person's preference and goals for the site. Visitors often prefer to see the owner's face, hear him or her speak, and consider the information being provided by the owner rather than reading all of this information in text form.

Seeing human faces in the video encourages visitors to establish trust with the website and be more likely to buy products and services from there. Including a video on the website achieves the goal of personalizing the site far better than any text, pictures, or graphics could.

Relying on an SEO Company for Video Productions

When website owners decide that they would like to use videos on their sites, they may come to the realization that they have no idea how to create a video or add it to their websites. Rather than make a mess of this important task, people are encouraged instead to rely on professionals who can help.

The professionals at a reliable SEO company, like Everspark Interactive, can produce videos that website owners can use on their websites. This company can create productions that reflect the owners' personal tastes and online business goals. They can also make recommendations for the productions if people are not sure how they want their videos to appear on their websites. If website owners are not sure how to upload the video to their sites, the SEO professionals can also provide this technical assistance and more for their clients.

Because people want to get as much information in as short amount of time as possible when visiting a website, owners may not want to utilize only text and pictures on their websites. When they want to encourage people to stay and shop, website owners are encouraged to utilize video productions for their sites.

Lisa Coleman shares the difference and benefits a person can obtain from utilizing video production for their online website, including with their marketing strategies. She recently read online about how Everspark Interactive, a professional video production marketing SEO company, was equipped bring traffic to a person's website through innovative use of video production.

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