Top 6 Second hand Baby Buys

Posted by Jennifer Lynn on April 23, 2013


Having a baby is extremely expensive, but there is no reason to pay top dollar for many of the items that your baby will need. After all, each baby outgrows things very quickly, and you could easily go broke trying to keep everything up to date with the latest pieces from your local store. Instead of going down this road, it is a good idea to consider purchasing the following items secondhand.

second hand baby buys
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Top Six Items to Buy Secondhand for Your Baby


Although every parent wants to buy certain clothing items that are new, there is no need for you baby's entire wardrobe to be brand new. When you consider how quickly your infant's clothing needs are going to change, it only makes sense to buy the majority of their clothing from a secondhand shop that sells gently used baby clothes. As an added bonus, you can sell the items back later on if you are able to keep them in good shape.

Baby Play Gyms

These colorful, interactive environments will keep your baby entertained for hours, and they will also encourage the development of their imagination. Unfortunately, baby gym mats are typically quite expensive, and this can make it difficult for many parents to justify the cost of buying one. However, their usefulness will definitely make them worth a trip to a secondhand store.

Board Books

Most babies and toddlers develop an affinity for books long before they have the ability to read, and they love to look at the pages while listening to someone tell them a story. However, board books often carry a price tag that seems completely out of line for what you get. Fortunately, many secondhand shops will price used books at a $1 or less, and this will make it easy to build a nice library for your infant.


There are almost countless different varieties of strollers available, and the price range can be enormous. Instead of settling for the best new stroller that you can purchase with the money that you have available, you should look into getting a nicer used one for the same price.


Everyone needs a crib when their baby is little, but no one has a good usage for them after their child is old enough to start sleeping in a bed. Because of this, it does not make sense to spend several hundred dollars on a new crib when you can get a used one that will work just as well.

Safety Gates

Any home that has a baby or toddler in it will need at least one baby gate. However, you can typically get them for close to half off if you select a used one instead of going to a firsthand store.

The only important consideration that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for secondhand items is that it is necessary to look them over carefully for any damage. In most cases, a secondhand shop will not issue a refund. However, as long as you thoroughly inspect everything, you should be able to cut the cost of your baby's needs in half.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Georgina Clatworthy, who is a mom of 3 and has learned to balance her budget with the needs of her growing children by carefully buying new and secondhand items. Kids II, are an award winning manufacturer of baby equipment and toys, such as baby gym mats. Their approach to quality and design ensures their products are made to last, meaning parents can be rest assured they are getting value for money with their purchases.

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