The Big Day: What to Pack for Your Hospital Delivery

Posted by Midnight Walker on June 17, 2013


Some new moms prefer a relaxed attitude while others plan it with stopwatch precision. If you're like most expectant mothers, you're comfortable somewhere between the two extremes. As long as Dad doesn't lose the car keys, the trip to the hospital will be exciting but uneventful. Still, you have plenty of time, so why not make a list? Here are eight ideas that cover everything you should pack before that special delivery day.

The Big Day: What to Pack for Your Hospital Delivery
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Take something just for you

You've already waited nine months, but you'll still have time on your hands before you and baby come home. Take along favorite magazines and puzzle books. Soothing music is perfect for new moms as long as it's filtered through ear buds.

Make nursing even nicer

Snuggling down with your newborn is a special time, and a soft nursing pillow keeps you both more comfortable. A quality breast pump is a mom's best friend, so include this handy item along with a comfortable nursing bra and plenty of pads.

Pack plenty of yummy snacks

Fill a pretty tin with packaged cookies, slip it in a sack with your favorite chocolates, and add something salty. A nice variety gives you a welcomed break from those cafeteria trays, and it is fun to share with family and friends.

You'll want to stay in touch

You're not leaving without the cell phone, but it's easy to forget the charger. You can't pack it up before you leave for the hospital, so now might be a good time to pick up a spare. When you get home, you'll always have a backup.

Cameras don't capture everything

Family pictures are precious, but you can add something special. Bring along a small journal, and fill it with your heartfelt thoughts. Write down the sweet words your mother shares or those funny things that Dad says. Bring along extra camera batteries anyway because he'll need them.

Dress for the occasion

Lacy nighties are beautiful, but they aren't practical when you're nursing, so take along several soft gowns that open down the front. A light robe and cushy slippers are all you need to finish off your hospital wardrobe. Pack something comfortable for the ride home too.

Surprise Dad with something just for him

This is the perfect time to let him know how much you appreciate his love and support. From a small frame for baby's first photo to a catcher's mitt for future backyard games, Dad will enjoy knowing that you've thought of him too.

Wrap your little bundle with love

This is the best part of your preparations. That beautiful blanket, the precious outfit and those tiny booties will bring the baby home feeling warm and secure. However, don't forget the basics like diapers, wipes and a quality car seat.

It's easy to make a list, but it's just as easy to keep adding to it. Don't overdo by packing more than you need. When the big day comes, everything will go smoothly because you've planned ahead. However, you might want to stash an extra car key somewhere safe, just in case.

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