5 Ways to Start Planning for Retirement Now

Posted by Hayley Granton on June 14, 2013


Retirement planning can never begin soon enough. In today's topsy-turvy world of economic instability and talk of Social Security and Medicare collapse, a person needs to take charge of their own finances and retirement plans.

5 Ways to Start Planning for Retirement Now

Gone are the days of relying on government or employer pensions, and they have been replaced by workers needing to be well-educated on retirement planning if they wish to enjoy their golden years free of financial stress. Fortunately, there are many ways one can begin planning for retirement immediately.

The first and best way to begin planning for retirement is by investing one's money. The best place to do this is in the stock market, which has continued to see record gains over the last few years. Any extra money such as tax refunds, holiday bonuses, gifts, lottery winnings or other windfalls should be invested in the market. While most people use the services of a stockbroker or financial planner to do this, others choose to do the research on their own and open accounts with some of the many online stock trading companies. The only downside to this is that there is always risk associated with any investment, so choose carefully when deciding what to invest in.

Another great way to plan for retirement is to join a credit union. These are wonderful alternatives to traditional banks, offering low-interest loans and free financial planning for members. Taking advantage of benefits offered by employers, such as a 401(K), is a great planning strategy. If possible, invest as much as you can in this account, because often employers will match dollar for dollar what the employee contributes. If started early on, this account can grow quite large upon retirement.

Besides investing, paying off debt is perhaps the most important retirement planning strategy. Paying off credit cards and loans, such as payday loans obtained through Power Finance can lessen the burden of debt upon retirement. Using payday loans obtained through Power Finance in Arlington is fine so long as they are paid off before interest accumulates, and are sensible solutions to immediate problems. Finally, never dip into retirement savings for any reason. The quickest way to burn through one's life savings is to take a little here and a little there, until one day there's nothing left. Only in the direst of emergencies, such as medical problems, should this be considered. By following these strategies now, one's golden years can be free of financial stress and worry.

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