Assisted Living: A Positive Choice for the Health and Lives of Seniors

Posted by Lisa Coleman on October 07, 2013


Assisted living communities are similar to that of a senior's residence. In addition to providing a comfortable and homey environment, a senior can feel secure knowing that in cases of an emergency, they will have the highest level of care at the ready. It also allows them to stay socially active with individuals who are similar in age.

Assisted living communities are similar to that of a senior’s residence
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Activities and Services within an assisted living community are extremely important, and you need to find a residence that provides a number of fun and exciting activities. When choosing a community, you need to look for something that is aesthetically pleasing. This will make the residents feel more at home and provide a richness and elegance to the area. The community should also have a number of important features such as an emergency response team that is available 24 hours, dedicated manager running the place and a personalized care plan. Other important amenities include fitness programs with the latest exercises available to the residents and in-house education programs for mental clarity.


One of the largest benefits of an assisted living community is its sense of family. Because you're surrounded by peers similar in age, the residents will enjoy activities and social settings geared for them. This includes social dances, card games, outdoor events such as golf and tennis and outings to plays and movies. Your happiness and mental wellness can keep you feeling youthful, and you'll find that connecting with others on a daily basis to be extremely helpful.

Finding one close to family is also an important factor when considering what community you would like to live in. Having family close by to visit and stay with occasionally is important to a senior's health and happiness. For example, if a person's children and grandchildren lived around the metropolitan city of Atlanta then considerations should be made to look for assisted living Atlanta Georgia based.


Getting around can be difficult during your senior years, especially if you can no longer drive. Assisted living communities offer transportation services to help residents get to the grocery store, physician appointments, malls and social activities.

Safety and Security

One of the problems many seniors encounter living alone is the feeling of inadequate safety and security. If someone were to break in or they were to fall and get injured, there would be nobody around to help them. An assisted living community offers state-of-the-art security to its residents to ensure their safety. Some communities include security gates, guards, cameras and alarms to help the residents in times of trouble.

Preventive Health Care

Ensuring your health and wellness is important as you age. An assisted living community should have on-site emergency staff available for its residents. It should also have available options such as dining rooms, cafes and other establishments where the residents can take advantage of delicious and nutritious meals. Regular seminars on healthy habits and exercise can also be beneficial, especially when modeled for a senior's specific age group.

Maintenance and Hygiene

General maintenance and upkeep is a major benefit of an assisted living community and repairs and housekeeping duties are typically performed by technicians within the residence. You can also find someone to help with your grooming and personal hygiene needs if necessary.

Today's assisted living communities are different from those in the past. With a large number of the populace in the United States getting up in age, the demands for good facilities with a host of amenities is on the rise.

Lisa Coleman shares some great amenities that come with a quality assisted living community that provides services to help ensure the safety, comfort and well-being for a senior and their health. She recently read online about Dogwood Forest, an assisted living Atlanta Georgia community, that offers high quality care, up-to-date security, highly trained 24 hour available staff, and many other terrific amenities for the overall well-being and comfort for seniors choosing to live there.

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