Freshen Up Your Bedroom With Simple And Low Budget Updates

Posted by Anthony Powell on May 24, 2013


Your own bedroom is definitely the part of your home that you like the most. However, if your bedroom is devoid of any style and excitement, it will send you to sleep earlier than you want. In fact, your bedroom should display your interests and aesthetic taste in most fascinating manner possible. Update your sleeping area to something spectacular that is both satisfying and comfortable for you.

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Low Cost Updates for your Bedroom:

If your bedroom is no more than mere a room, update it with following easy to do low cost tips.

Bring some Colors in:

If your bedroom walls and room furniture have neutral looks, you can burst in plenty of colors whenever and where with the help of vibrant artworks such as a digital canvas printing, colorful accents and bold bedding.

Switch Accent Pillows:

Accent pillows allow you to shift the balance of colors by quickly altering the personality of the room. As bed is a neutral focal point, accent pillows become a really powerful tool to enhance the overall appeal of the room. Furthermore, these pillows will have instant impact on the room in terms of colors, texture, added volume and personality.

Update Headboard:

If you need to have an instant impact, create a dynamic and dramatic headboard. There is a wide variety of beautiful and enticing headboards available in market. However, it is always better to customize your existing headboard according to your own taste or try to find an unexpectedly gorgeous salvaged piece for low cost option.

Window Treatment:

You can do a number of things with the windows to create an ambiance of your liking. For instance, draperies and classic swags are best suited for a formal look where as for an informal look; you can use curtains and shades. On the other hand, use simple yet beautiful blinds for imparting contemporary look to the room. Furthermore, you can also consider darkening, lining or insulating your room, whichever options suits your needs.

Patterns on Selected Spot:

It is also a great idea to embellish a single wall or a section of the wall with beautiful stencils and wallpapers. It is a proven method to draw attention to the seating area or any other part of the room. Furthermore, it allows you to add design and pattern to the room without spending huge amount of money and time to wallpaper or stencil entire room.

Display Personalized Artwork:

Your own bedroom is an ideal place to display your favorite family photographs. Displaying personalized wall art in your bedroom such as photos on to canvas prints is a unique idea to surround yourself with happy memories and how to group them together will define your style. It is entirely up to you how you want to personalize the artwork according to your taste and interests.

A New Direction:

Angling the bed from the corner is the best way to give a decorative boost to your bedroom without spending a penny. However, if your bed especially headboard is too bulky for the shift, you can replace it with lighter shorter upholstered panel or a lighter iron gate.


Bedroom is the area that you can use to display your inner self to others. In this regard, above mentioned tips will help you big time in the long run.

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