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Posted by Lemley Sharon on March 29, 2013


Multi Level Marketing is one of the best methods to sell your product without much hassle. The world has become a fighting ring for professional sellers, where each of them uses the best possible methods to defeat his opponent. Multi Level Marketing adds one more dimension using which, you can actually enhance the sales of your company. But there are certain legal guidelines for MLM, that can be followed by the companies.

Legal Aspects of MLM:

Although multi level marketing has its own benefits but one needs to comprehend the actual motive behind MLM. These are obviously adopted so that the sales of the company can be increased without adding much expense to the profit and loss head of the company. We will provide you a glimpse of services where legal guidelines for MLM matter a lot:

  • Import Duties: You want to venture into a new business into a country but would you able to start it out if you do not exactly know the import duties that are enforced by the laws of the country?
  • Excise and Other Taxes: If you are not into the business of import and export; you will face the local laws of the country. The excise duties and sales tax will come into the play, if you are supplying the material within particular geographical territory. The corporate taxes are also significant in case the firm into a business coming under the gamut of same.
  • Income Tax: May be it is the most essential aspect to take care of. One must know the current tax slabs of the country so that he can save maximum amount of money by mobilizing his resources.
  • Governing Bodies Regulations: The business community inside a country is controlled by the governing bodies, which are deputed by the government. For instance, if you are entering India and choosing 'investment banking' as an alternative, you need to get the desired approval from the controlling body such as SEBI, IRDA or Reserve Bank Of India depending upon the type of business you are planning to carry out.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: The countries are offering special manufacturing zones to promote the business. If you are aware of the same, you will unquestionably reap the benefits; if not, the loss will be wholly yours only. There is a keen necessity to appreciate the legal guidelines for MLM in this case too.
  • Agreements of Various Kinds: One has to get into a joint venture or partnership business, if he is really serious about expanding the business of the company. These matters are obviously complicated and need to pay some extra notice. Once you enter these agreements, you will not find an undemanding way out and we recommend the in-depth knowledge of pros and cons before you sign any of the said ones.
  • Company Laws and Other Policies: The companies entering the business arena should also discern the prevailing company establishment laws in the country. It would be almost impossible to boost the business of the company without having the meticulous knowledge of the same.

There are many aspects, which are definitely needed to be taken care of before putting your feet into a business and a well renowned company knowing the legalities in particular zone of a certain country should only be hired for this job.

Benefits and Constraints:

Multi level marketing is one of the most effectual methods of sales. To conduct a multi level marketing project, you need not to hire directly people under your brand name. You won't have to pay the monthly salary, which means there would be no direct expenses. Furthermore, this definitely becomes the crucial factor in promoting MLM. The vital features of MLM has put it on the topmost rung of the success ladder since its inception. However, to run a MLM business, there are certain constraints too. Understanding the legal guidelines for MLM is one such factor too. If you don't know the legal formalities involved in the business, it will be rough to hurl the business on the expected pinnacle of success.

There are many companies which are running the business with the assistance of MLM service providers. They have certainly added the new facet in the profit margin of the company by favoring MLM. If you want to maximize your profit without adding more liabilities, MLM is for you only.

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