Proven Offline Marketing Ideas You Should Try

Posted by Shelby Warden on April 18, 2013


Despite the popularity of the Internet, there is no disputing that offline efforts can be just as effective as online marketing. Depending upon what kind of business is being promoted, offline marketing may actually be more conducive to that industry. For example, businesses that rely heavily upon foot traffic such as local shops and restaurants. Since people are tactile and visual, any business can benefit from offline marketing, as outlined below.


Offline marketing methods such as cards, brochures and vinyl banners are great for:

  • Developing local company business presence
  • Establishing the brand
  • Delivering the branding message
  • Building a team in a local region
  • Attracting a wide variety of different kinds of people
  • Immediate leads


The impact of the advertising and marketing methods below can be far more powerful than digital methods for a variety of reasons. Most particularly, they qualify as types of communication that are highly visible and tangible. This automatically has a greater impact upon prospective customers.

1. Direct Mail

Direct mailing methods are no less effective, despite the current popularity of email. Direct mail generally involves sending out cards, flyers, letters, postcards and brochures. With today's technology, business owners can have a hands-on approach with professional printers in designing their products according to certain specifications. There are also many ways to minimize postal costs such as using cards rather than letters and fliers.

2. Signup Sheets

Inviting customers to register to receive information about special deals, contests and other incentives about products and services allows businesses to add to their mailing lists and increase potential business prospects.

3. Conferences

Seminars, symposiums and workshops can be very effective for attracting the target market. To have the greatest impact, printed materials including a professionally designed vinyl banner will make the business more memorable. Once the word spreads about these events, the business reputation can build within the industry to help it become well established in the community and beyond.

4. Free Classified Ads

Local newspapers and magazines are still read daily by many people. This type of offline marketing can be extremely effective when the campaign is developed wisely. Ads should be to the point and designed to attract the target market.

5. Community Events

Fairs, festivals and charity events are another great opportunity to showcase products and services. Open air functions are still enormously popular and many businesses will find them lucrative for attracting a wide audience. Sponsorships are rewarded with the brand logo being displayed on all of the function's advertising materials. Additionally, a well-designed custom printed vinyl banner will stand up to most any weather situation. Since they are reusable, this also makes them very cost effective.

6. Networking

Networking with other businesses and prospects will never go out of style. Regardless of how popular the online world becomes, there is no mistaking the power of an in person meeting and the chance to make a great impression.

Effective Offline Marketing Products

Below are some products that have been shown to be very useful in establishing and growing any business. These marketing materials can be very effective for getting referrals, direct prospecting, establishing groups and attracting industry leaders and influencers. As each of these methods is tested, it will be evident which ones are most suitable for the business.

  • Vinyl Banner Signs
  • Cards, Brochures, Leaflets and Pamphlets
  • Drop Cards and Prize Boxes
  • Metal Yard Signs
  • T-shirts, Hats, Bags and Buttons
  • Fans, Pens and Other Useful Products

Depending upon the business, various offline efforts will be more effective than others. The beauty about all of the above methods is that they can be monitored and tracked. When executed thoughtfully, offline marketing methods will always remain a popular strategy for getting the word out about a company's products and services. As with any activity, the more consistent the efforts are, the better the results will be.

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