3 methods to turn your blog comments into money

Posted by Nidhi geekworldnews on February 22, 2013


If you think about the best way to monetize your blog, most of your attention is generally focused on two specific things:

  • Your blog posts, where you engage with readers and perhaps promote offers occasionally.
  • The space surrounding these kinds of posts (such as the sidebar, footer and header), the spot where you place ad banners and text ads.

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Even so, what most people fail to realize is your blog comments offer you a different way to make money online.

Actually, you can turn these visitor comments into profit using three tested methods. Please read on...

Turn Comments Into FAQs

Ever observe that lots of your comments are basically questions from visitors?

This is particularly true in case you post pre-sell content articles, product testimonials and comparisons or similar promo posts. Then you will find your comment section is overloaded with inquiries.

But this is the one thing: When all these blog readers have questions, you already know your other potential clients have questions too. And your other prospects most likely have the exact same questions. Exactly what you can do is turn these blog comments into a FAQ (frequently asked question) post that can be used to overcome buyer objections and eliminate your prospects' resistance to purchasing product.

If you own the product you are promoting, then you can post this FAQ in your sales site. Otherwise, post the link to this Frequently asked questions page once you promote the affiliate product!

Make Use Of Them as Customer reviews

Whenever you post about a product, you'll probably also get plenty of comments coming from happy buyers.

Sometimes these buyers will even answer the questions coming from potential clients. And you will bet their answers will be full of compliment regarding the product!

So here's what you will do: Request authorization to use these customer reviews. Then republish these items of social proof in your sales pages, pre-sell articles and otherwise you market the product or service!

Create a New Tips Article

When you post an informational article (such as a "exactly how to" article or even a tips article), you are bound to get people replying to your blog post with their own high-quality tips.

This will make for excellent spider food for search engines like google. But you can leverage these comments even further by producing them into a new article that benefits equally you along with the authors of these tips.

First suggestion: You need to ask the comment authors for permission to put together their tips. In exchange, you'll promote their site, services or products inside the article. Naturally, you'll advertise your own site too.

Then you post this brand new article on your blog and encourage the tips contributors to do the same.

Indeed, you need to encourage them to share the article on community forums, on their Facebook pages and everywhere else that content sharing is allowed. Because the more all contributor discuss the article, the more everyone benefits!


Most people toss a blog online, submit some articles and then wait for the big dollars to roll in. It hardly ever happens... if you don't know all the tricks and tips like the ones I just given to you.

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